“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Jeff Bezos, CEO and Founder of Amazon.com

The brand of your employees is your brand too. That’s one of the reasons organizations with highly engaged, well-coached employees perform so much better than their competitors.

We founded Flashbrand because we believed that

  • All employees can benefit from a growth mindset, meaning that long-term success comes from persistent effort and action.
  • An organization’s “top talent” can include anyone, not just 5% of the employees.
  • Feedback is much more useful if it comes regularly and not just once a year.
  • Feedback is a gift that people really want to give.

Too many organizations have cultures and bureaucratic processes that create barriers to honest, real-time feedback. That’s why forward-looking organizations are abandoning traditional talent management processes and systems. They don’t see them aligning well with a new world of work where:

  • The pace is accelerating.
  • Business is more connected.
  • More people’s jobs depend on interactions outside the borders of the enterprise.
  • The workforce is changing, with the digital generation becoming the biggest demographic group.

Our mission at Flashbrand is to help organizations break down these barriers

We aim to create a single feedback hub that continuously adds valuable insight through continuous, multi-dimensional feedback: peer-to-peer, upward, downward, and employee-to-organization. We want not only to enable organizations to collect feedback but also to give people a personal tool that empowers them to get better faster.

We aim to start a feedback revolution. It’s a revolution that works best when it comes from the top.

We believe that leaders need to start asking for continuous feedback and giving continuous feedback. They need to build feedback into HR practices and to embrace it as a tool for personal improvement.

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