Why aren’t more organizations set up to listen to their employees?

One-third of employees say that their senior leadership team operates within a “leadership bubble” most of the time. Gallup reports that only 13% of employees across 142 countries worldwide are engaged in their jobs.

Listen to Your Employees All the Time

Flashbrand offers a simple way to continuously listen to your employees with short, frequent surveys and provide them with opportunities for unsolicited feedback at any time. Employees can also share what they think and feel about anything from company strategy to management performance or their well-being at work.

Trade in the Annual, Heavyweight Engagement Surveys for a Continuous Model

Employee engagement is a problem that organizations face 365 days per year. But traditional engagement surveys take months to prepare, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and deliver insights only into a tiny snapshot in time. With Flashbrand, both HR and managers create frequent or ongoing “pulse” surveys that get high response rates and empower them to make changes when they’ll have an impact on the workforce.

Ask Regularly but Always Listen

Your employees shouldn’t have to wait until you ask them for their voices to be heard. Flashbrand gives people the power to share their thoughts with the company or rate the skills of a leader at any time simply by clicking the “Provide” button in their mobile app.

Maximize Opportunities for Follow-Up and Change

Employees feel safe expressing their honest opinions if they know their feedback is anonymous. On the other hand, providing feedback that’s attributed to someone gives HR or the leadership team more opportunities for follow-up. That’s why Flashbrand gives employees the choice of how they want to attribute their feedback.

Use Employee Engagement Surveys Everywhere That Feedback Matters

Why should all employee engagement surveys be the same? With Flashbrand, you can quickly configure engagement surveys for a variety of needs: pulse surveys; feedback on an event such as a company meeting, a new strategy, a new HR program; or anything else you want to improve

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