Why do traditional 360-degree assessments provide so limited value to executives and cost so much?

Organizations worldwide spend close to $2 billion on executive coaching, according to the International Coach Federation. However, no coaching engagement is successful unless the executive buys into the need for change.

Bring Real-Time Feedback to Executive Coaching

Flashbrand offers a simple, lightweight approach to capturing continuous feedback from a coaching client's peers inside and outside the organization. By arming clients with personal insights on where they are strong and how they can grow, executive coaches can have meaningful discussions with clients, deliver better outcomes, and demonstrate the impact of their engagements.

Eliminate Resource-Intensive 360s

Flashbrand makes it possible to capture a lot of feedback–both solicited and spontaneous–without draining time or resources from the coaching engagement. Coaches can quickly configure feedback requests on the skills and personal qualities they're interested in measuring, and the client's peers, subordinates, and leaders can provide feedback in less than a minute.

Give Every Client a Trusted Way to Self-Assess

Complex 360-degree assessments often obscure the simple truths. With Flashbrand, executives own the feedback they receive and choose what to share with their coaches. This approach eliminates much of the uncertainty in asking for feedback and promotes executive buy-in.

Continuously Assess Progress

Flashbrand makes it much easier to see a client's progress before, during, and after the engagement, tapping into the collective wisdom of subordinates and peers. Continuous feedback opens the door for more interaction between the coach and client, encourages executives to try new things, and accelerates improvement.

Embed a Growth Mindset in Everyday Behavior

With a simple way to ask for feedback, executives can put the feedback mentality into practice long after the coaching engagement ends. Feedback becomes an integral part of how they lead their organizations.

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