Who can provide feedback?

Flashbrand enables anyone inside or outside the enterprise to provide feedback to a person or to the organization. The feedback requester just needs to enter the email address of the person from which he or she wants feedback, and Flashbrand emails the request. Or, you can even click on a meeting from a calendar view in Flashbrand, select a participant, and let Flashbrand do the rest.

How long does it take to give feedback?

Most people can give feedback in About 30 seconds. The requester can make this even faster by listing the specific skills for which he or she wants feedback. To make it easier to request and receive regular or recurring feedback, Flashbrand gives users a way to reuse previously sent feedback or feedback requests or create group feedback.

When should I ask for feedback?

We recommend that you ask as early and as regularly as possible. By asking before a meeting, the person who’s providing can pay more attention to the skills he or she will be assessing. The Flashbrand calendar integration makes this quick and easy.

Can my organization control what skills get assessed and rated?

Yes, Flashbrand is completely configurable. Organizations can set up their own set of skills or values on which they want people to get feedback. They can associate specific lists with specific types of feedback requests. In addition, individuals can choose a subset of those skills to include in each feedback request they make, so feedback providers aren’t trying to respond to a request that wasn’t relevant to the interactions they have with the feedback requester.

Does feedback have to be attributed to a specific person’s name?

No. The feedback provider can choose whether to send feedback associated with his or her name or anonymously. This helps feedback providers feel comfortable sharing while maximizing opportunities for follow-up.

Who can see feedback?

Feedback that’s given to an individual is visible only to that individual. The feedback recipient can choose to share it with his or her manager. HR sees aggregated statistics for all employees on the skills that have been rated and average scores given. However, all feedback stays personal to the person to whom it was given.

Won’t employees share only the “good” reviews they get?

Maybe. But does it matter? The purpose of Flashbrand is to help employees get better, not to add a layer of feedback to a performance review process that may not be effective anyway. We believe that if feedback is personal, employees are more likely to ask for it and to trust the results it shows. And in a feedback culture, managers act as true coaches. Employees should be more willing to share everything they can to get their managers’ help.

How does Flashbrand recommend people to request feedback from?

The Flashbrand mobile app integrates with the calendar on your phone. It pulls contacts from your recent meetings and suggests them as potential feedback providers. Flashbrand also looks at the people to whom you sent feedback or from whom you requested feedback and makes suggestions About re-engaging.

What happens if I have a question About the feedback I received?

We have found that Flashbrand triggers a lot of direct conversations that might never otherwise occur. When you receive feedback from a known source, you can ask for comments by email. Or, you can act like a great feedback provider and send immediate feedback back to that person while asking for more details. Not only can you request clarification on your own feedback through Flashbrand, but you can also help your feedback provider become a better coach.

Does Flashbrand integrate with my existing performance management or talent management processes?

Employees can share their feedback with managers or HR business partners, facilitating performance reviews or other talent management processes. HR can configure the skills and values for which they want feedback, in alignment with their overall talent strategy. Flashbrand also offers APIs that can interface with traditional talent management systems to push feedback directly into employee profiles.

Where can I see your privacy statement?

You can access the Flashbrand privacy statement directly in the app.