Why do leadership development programs include so little real-world feedback?

Companies are spending upward of $15 billion on leadership development programs, yet HR managers surveyed by Deloitte cite leadership gaps as one of their most critical human capital problems.

Develop Authentic Leaders and Help Them Grow

Flashbrand provides continuous, 360-degree feedback that helps future leaders know who they are, understand their strengths, and take advantage of the right growth opportunities.

Incorporate Feedback Throughout Your Leadership Development Program

Most leadership development programs conduct 360-degree assessments just once, if they do it at all. Flashbrand can replace these costly, one-time assessments with a continuous stream of feedback from peers inside and outside the organization. Future leaders can ask for feedback on the skills in their program while benefiting from a stream of solicited or unsolicited feedback on their daily work.

Create a Culture of Honest Self-Assessment

With Flashbrand, employees maintain ownership of all of the feedback they’re given. This approach encourages them to take responsibility for self-assessment and improvement. Of course, what’s good for them is almost always good for your organization too.

Nurture Leaders Who Lead More Effectively

Why do so many executives see feedback as a distraction from their work? Leaders who view feedback from others as an asset listen better, implement strategies more transparently, and make authentic connections with the people in their organizations. These are the qualities that will make leaders effective in the new world of work.

“The best employees are also the ones who request and provide feedback the most. Feedback helps them to learn even more and accelerate their personal development.”

Edouard de La Moissonnière, Partner, Turningpoint

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