Why do managers spend so much time giving their team members so little useful feedback?

The average manager spends more than 200 hours per year on activities related to performance reviews, according to CEB. Yet Deloitte reports that just 10% of HR managers believe that performance management is a good use of time.

Capture Continuous Feedback from Peers

Employees can ask people inside and outside the organization to give feedback at the right time — when they’re interacting with someone. Or peers can choose to give unsolicited feedback. With the choice of authored and anonymous feedback, people feel comfortable sharing insights that help your employees grow.

Transform Performance Reviews into Coaching

Flashbrand makes it simple for employees to gain real-time insight into an all-important question: “How am I doing?” Employees own all of the feedback they receive, so they are in a better position to buy into the results and act on them.

Improve Performance When It Matters

Your employees want to know how they’re doing at work now, not nine months from now. Flashbrand gives them access to real-time analytics that show them which skills they could improve.

Redesign Costly Performance Review Processes

Traditional performance management costs millions of dollars and hours, yet managers don’t believe it drives better performance. Flashbrand offers a new approach: helping employees themselves to adopt a growth mindset and focus on their development. We make it simple for employees to give and get the feedback they need to improve.

Transform Managers into Coaches

Why is it so hard for managers to discuss performance with their teams? With Flashbrand, managers can start coaching conversations with objective data that came from the employees themselves, eliminating resistance that’s common when the employee perceives the feedback to be subjective or based only on the manager’s perspective. After all, helping people overcome their limitations to become more successful at work is at the very heart of effective management.

Real-time coaching environment

Flashbrand provides a coaching view, in which every manager can see all the feedback he or she sent to team members along with the evolution in ratings. Forget about lengthy performance review preparations; managers are always ready to step in and help.

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