Why would you restrict 360-degree assessments to a few executives when everyone in your organization can benefit from feedback?

Give Employees the Personal Career Development They Desire

Flashbrand gives all employees the insights they need to develop their careers. Employees have a simple way to receive objective feedback on how they’re doing and know where and how to improve their skills.

Develop Faster with Feedback from Trusted Peers

With Flashbrand, employees solicit feedback from peers inside and outside the organization. They can see where people rate them highest and lowest and take action to close any gaps. Regardless of whether peers choose to author their feedback or give it anonymously, they’re genuinely helping someone get better. And by taking the time to step back, think, and show that they care, they’re building better relationships with the people in their networks.

Gain Personal Insights Previously Available Only to Top Talent

Flashbrand gives every employee, not just a chosen few, the power to ask for feedback. They all have a variety of analytics at their fingertips to analyze their strengths and areas for growth.

Discover Relevant Micro-Learning

Once employees receive constructive feedback, Flashbrand automatically suggests easy-to-consume e-learning that will address the specific skills gaps revealed by their peers. It’s really easy for them to take the next steps to get better, and everyone benefits from continuous feedback loops.

Put Employees in the Driver’s Seat

Organizations can guide employees on what they should be learning, but employees need to make a personal choice on how to grow their careers. With Flashbrand, individual feedback belongs to each employee. The employee can decide how to act on it or with whom to follow up. The employee can share it with his or her manager to talk About performance and to ask for new learning opportunities on the job. In short, the employee takes ownership of personal career development, and the manager and organization Support the employee’s efforts with feedback, coaching, exposure, and experience.

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