Continuous Feedback That’s Simple to Give and Get

Send constructive feedback to anyone, anywhere, anytime. It takes less than a minute using a simple, easy-to-use mobile app or web interface.

Full mobile experience

Take advantage of voice recognition, integration with your Calendar and Corporate Contacts and other features of your mobile phone.

We help you ask the right people

Flashbrand captures intelligence from any calendar you use on your smartphone. We will suggest people to ask based on your recent meetings, interactions, group or organization. You can even send a feedback request to attendees before your meeting starts, so that the feedback provider can be prepared. However, we never solicit feedback on your behalf.

Get regular or recurring feedback

You can reuse or modify feedback you previously sent or requests that you sent to others.

Tailor each individual request

Make it easier for people to respond by selecting the skills that were relevant to each interaction for which you ask for feedback.

True 360-degree views

Give feedback in all directions: peer-to-peer, manager-to-employee, upward feedback to managers or leaders, and feedback to the organization.

Inside and outside the organization

Get feedback from colleagues in the organization along with business partners and even customers.

Solicited and unsolicited feedback

Your peers who use Flashbrand can give you feedback at any time, and any employee can send feedback to his company at any time on any topics like strategy, well-being, engagement...

Anonymous and authored feedback

Feedback providers decide whether to provide feedback anonymously or to have it attributed to them. Allowing attribution provides more opportunities for follow-up.

Put employees in the driver’s seat

The feedback you receive is only for you unless you choose to share it with your manager. It’s a trusted information source to drive your own improvement.

Embedded micro-learning

Instantly access videos, documents, or web pages as soon as you receive feedback. Flashbrand recommends content for specific skills so you can improve on the fly.

Pulse surveys

Measure employee engagement through frequent, “pulse” surveys that are quick for employees to complete. Stay on top of engagement and act quickly to address issues.

Rich aggregate insights for HR

View a picture of your organization’s strengths and skills gaps from the aggregate ratings of all users. Flashbrand offers analytics on structured data such as ratings as well as text analytics.

Flexible skills and rating scales

Configure the skills that apply to each feedback situation and user population. Organizations can establish their own unique set of skills at the organization level and for specific roles or initiatives (for example, leadership skills or employee well-being).

Group feedback

Create your own groups, to send requests or feedback to multiple people regularly in the blink of an eye