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Flashbrand reinvents employee development with a people-centric approach and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help employees get better faster. Real-time feedback with personalized training recommendations, advice and discussion with Aico our AI coach, plus an agile and predictive performance management, all help employees to boost their skills, performance and engagement.
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Experience the power of Feedback

Flashbrand offers to revolutionize the way feedback happens in organizations by creating a culture of brief but widespread feedback done often, smartly tracked, owned by each employee and linked directly and instantly to training in areas for improvement.

This solution includes feedback that can be completed – internally in all directions or externally – in as little as 30 seconds, so it's the perfect tool for introducing super-fast, bite-sized evaluations to companies that have clunky and overbearing appraisals systems and employees that are weary of change and additional work for the sake of it.

Re-invent e-learning usage and develop a growth mindset
  • Less than 20% of employees are effectively using e-learning today, because they have no time, they don't know where to start and where to find the content.
  • 56% of employees would like to get training recommendations from their manager or a coach and say they would spend more time learning.
  • 94% of employees would stay at their company longer if it invested in their career development.
  • 49% of employees would prefer to learn at the point of need.
Flashbrand reinvents the way e-learning is consumed. It integrates with corporate Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and 3rd-party learning applications and pulls the right content for the users – allowing on-the-fly learning. The Flashbrand AI coach assistant analyzes your feedback, your strengths and your areas for development, then will automatically recommend personalized e-learning content accessible directly in one click.
Engagement, Well-being, Diversity and Inclusion
Capture the emotions, opinions, and frustrations of employees when THEY want to share, not when YOU decide to ask. Your employees shouldn't have to wait until you ask them for their voices to be heard. Flashbrand gives people the power to share their thoughts with the company or rate the skills of their leaders anytime they feel simply by clicking the "Provide" button in their app.
Trade in the annual heavyweight engagement surveys for a continuous model.

Let our text and sentiment analysis technology help you identify the key themes and sentiments expressed by employees in real-time.

Engage in a conversation with your employee in real-time

Show your employees you care for them. Employees are tired of answering surveys without seeing any actions. Reply to their feedback and don’t miss any opportunities for follow-up. That’s why Flashbrand provides a real-time chat between HR and employees while protecting their anonymity.

Create a survey or start a pulse in a few seconds

Low employee engagement is a problem that organizations face 365 days per year. But traditional engagement surveys take months to prepare, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and deliver insights only into a tiny snapshot of time. With Flashbrand, both HR and managers create frequent or ongoing “pulse” surveys that get high response rates and empower them to make changes when they’ll have an impact on the workforce.

How to Democratize Executive Coaching

Flashbrand’s mission is to help employees with their personal development. Besides continuous feedback and instant e-learning, coaching is another important tool for talent development.

Flashbrand allows every employee to share selected or all feedback received with an internal or external coach, providing rich real-time insights to the coach and transforming an episodic relationship into a continuous and digital relationship.


Coaching should not be reserved only for your top executives, every employee deserves it. Flashbrand created Aico, a personal digital AI coach, to democratize coaching and help all your employees with their personal development. Aico can explain how to provide feedback or how to react to feedback, give recommendations for training or advice on how to manage your objectives. Aico can also help your employees on many other topics like concentration, stress management, conflict management, well-being and more.

Agile and Predictive Performance Development
Disrupting traditional performance management with an Agile and employee-centric approach, Flashbrand puts the employees in the driving seat of their performance. Objectives, reviews and projects are liquid and do not need to start at the beginning of the year and end on December 31st. They adapt to the new world of work and to the agenda of your employees or your organization.
Help your managers and your employees align with regular check-in meetings using 2-sided flexible agenda definition, topic recommendations from our AI assistant, and automatically-generated meeting minutes and feedback on the interaction.
Create personal or team objectives with key results for a specific project or period (monthly, quarterly, annually) and update them when needed or request an update on progress. You can also create private objectives to help you manage your daily or weekly tasks.
By viewing predictions of your personal or your team performance, you can clearly understand which objectives are on track versus at risk and see which ones you should put more focus on. Aico, Flashbrand’s AI coach assistant, can even draw your attention to and help you manage your priorities.
Reviews should adapt to your employees’ work and your organization not the other way around. With Flashbrand, a project leader can evaluate project contributors for any project at any time, it does not need to happen at the end of the year, nor be done by the employees’ direct manager.
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