Let your employees and managers create objectives when it makes sense for them, for the business or for their projects.

Help them better succeed thanks to continuous achievement tracking, feedback on objectives and appraisal "on the fly".


Reviews should adapt to your employees’ work and to the pace of your organization, not the other way around.

With Flashbrand, your managers create reviews at any time to appraise someone’s contribution, no matter when. 

Both employees and managers can prepare and share their comments for more transparency before actually meeting. No more discomfort or unprepared discussions!


Maximize alignment between your managers and your employees with regular One-on-One meetings using predefined topic recommendations or 2-sided flexible agenda definition.

Make sure that they have the right conversations at the right time, in a collaborative and productive manner!

Bonus Plans

Shift towards a more flexible and transparent salary process, engaging your managers and employees: setup a new plan in a few clicks, display bonuses forecast in real-time based on objectives achievement, and of course detailed exports for the HR teams before payout.


Flashbrand offers to revolutionize the way feedback happens in organizations by fostering a Growth Mindset culture: inspire a feedback revolution as the cornerstone of personal and professional development!

Based on the feedback received, employees have one-click access to relevant  and personalized e-learning recommendations on their mobile or computer: ready to learn and develop on the fly?

Survey, Pulses, Wellbeing

Listen to your employees' voice: give them the power to share their wellbeing, emotions and opinions anytime THEY want to share, not when YOU decide.

Pay attention to “moments that matter” to them in their life at work and in their career, such as their onboarding, mobility, diversity & inclusion, etc.

Employees owner of their development

Allow your employees to act on their development. They can define and follow their development activities depending on:

- The type of needs: technical skills, personal development, career development, etc.

- The training methods: onsite training, e-learning, mentoring, shadowing, project assignments, etc.

Encouraged and supported by their manager, employees can build a development plan consistent with their career aspirations and needs. 

Flashbrand provides a real-time view of all employees’ development, helping companies and HR better plan their training and development activities

A new way to build career paths

Lower your attrition by encouraging your employees to own their career and reflect on their future in your organization.

With Flashbrand, they can define their next steps with their managers and HR: new responsibilities, team management, geographical mobility,...

Doing so provides the HR teams with valuable and reliable insights on workforce aspirations to feed succession, mobility plans and increase employee satisfaction.

The future of coaching

Everyone deserves coaching, right? But who can afford having a coach for every employee...? 

Meet AICO, the future of democratized coaching. Discover how AICO helps all employees manage their development, well-being, and life at work.

Our “first of its kind” digital coach offers personal support which is accessible 24/7.

Developed with coaches and psychologists, our proactive coaching discussions cover several topics related to welfare and wellbeing: stress management, remote team management and many more.

Drive your HR Strategy

Thanks to our dashboards and KPIs, HR Teams can easily:

- Monitor transformation and optimize its impact thanks to actionable insights,

- Understand what is happening in their organization by capturing real-time insights on development, performance, and engagement,

- Make informed decisions regarding their people strategy, workforce reality and needs.

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