Pump Feedback into Every Part of Your Culture

The companies that are the strongest in leadership and talent management capabilities increased their revenues 2.2 times faster and their profit 1.5 times faster than “talent laggards,” according to The Boston Consulting Group. But when it comes to encouraging employees to engage more, perform better, and grow, it’s a new world of work.

Work is more knowledge driven. It’s more networked, with more interactions outside the borders of the enterprise. The digital generation makes up almost half the workforce. They want their work to matter, and they expect to be heard and respected.

Why do employees get so little feedback and have few opportunities to give it?

Forward-looking organizations are making feedback simpler. They are moving away from big, costly HR initiatives like stack-ranked performance reviews or annual engagement surveys and toward continuous feedback. They see feedback as a gift to help their peers get better at what they do, not as a way to move employees up or out of the organization.

Flashbrand forms the heart of this feedback culture.

Our mobile and web app serves as a single, simple-to-use feedback hub that:

  • Continuously adds valuable insight from peers inside and outside the organization.
  • Provides a coaching environment to guide both employees and organizations.

Flashbrand is designed to help your employees own their development. At the same time, it gives managers and HR visibility into how the organization is doing. HR can configure Flashbrand to capture feedback on the skills or traits that are important to your organization, and individuals can customize their feedback requests to cover the skills that were relevant to a particular interaction. With the right motivation and targeted feedback requests, it’s much simpler to spread your feedback culture.

Flashbrand aggregates insights on skills and performance from all of the different sources of feedback to give employees, leaders, and HR a richer view of performance than they can get from individual processes. As feedback drives more organizational decisions and individual growth, the feedback revolution will take hold.

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